Why is a freelance translator a better investment than a translation agency?

  • Why is a freelance translator a better investment than a translation agency?

    Why is a freelance translator a better investment than a translation agency?

    Many companies often choose translation agencies for their translation projects because they believe they are more professional, reliable, fast and quite cheap. And while at the first glance it can be true, when you dig a little bit deeper, it can turn out that things are not quite as they seem. Translation agencies can deliver translations fast and they can also offer low prices, but it all happens not without cost. Hiring a freelance translator can be much more trouble-free and can bring remarkable effects.

    Hassle-free project management

    Hiring a professional freelance translator means first and foremost a hassle-free process because you have direct contact with your translator. This automatically reduces the time of translation process because communication is faster and the information is disseminated directly to the translator and to many project participants that work in translation agencies such as contact person, sales person, project manager (sometimes another project manager), translator (sometimes another translator), proofreader, quality checker etc.

    Lower price

    Often translation agencies “lower” they prices to attract more customers but they contain hidden costs. All translation agencies employ a lot of people – project managers, sales people, marketing officers, accountants, translators, proofreaders – who have to be paid for their work. Also, translators working for big translation agencies don’t get much. They earn half as much as they should or less. Also sometimes they have to work to a very tight deadline, which influences the quality of translation. You don’t have to pay for all of this when you hire a freelance translator. A professional translator is not cheap but is not that expensive either. If quality is what you are looking for a freelance translator is certainly for you.

    Customer focused approach and accurate work

    Working with a freelance translator also means direct contact which means a fast, hassle-free process but also a customer focused approach which leads to a successfully finalised translation project. Having only one translator working on your project means faster work, great communication that enables to discuss many issues through the translation process and one style. Also, you can be sure that your guidelines are fully followed. Translation agencies sometimes allow many translators to work on the same project to deliver it faster. By doing so they risk quality and lead to unnecessary problems resulting in not every translator following the guidelines or adjusting style according to customer’s style guide or guidelines, which of course additionally postpones the whole translation process.

    More and fast does not mean better

    Every company knows that in the world of the Internet and social media quality is a luxury that really pays off. A freelance translator approaches his or her work with diligence. They will really work hard to satisfy their client because they want him to come back. Having thousands of customers worldwide translation agencies don’t have to fight for every client. The translation process is more automatic and sometimes not the right translators are chosen for a project.

    Every project is special

    Freelance translators are professionals and they treat their job as a passion and every project is an exciting challenge that they want to take on. They know that every project needs a special attention as there are many different companies from different branches and every text needs to be adjusted according to the media, target audience and occasion. Direct contact with a freelance translator enables discussing many aspects and translation issues which helps translators to do their job as best as they can. In the translation agency translators are only given guidelines from customers. If they have any questions they have to send them to project managers and then they send it to a customer. Also, in some translation agencies a project is passed to many project managers which additionally complicates the whole process and does not guarantee best results.

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    Hanna Gembus

    Hanna Gembus is a professional Polish English and Polish German translator and communication specialist based in the United Kingdom providing translation, content, interpreting and market research services to small, medium-sized and large companies and organisations. She specialises in business, marketing and e-commerce, using linguistic and cultural knowledge to help both start-ups and established companies improve their presence on the market and increase sales. http://langoa.eu

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