About me

Imagine the scene. It’s a rainy May afternoon. In one of the old buildings in Łódź, Poland, a conference is slowly coming to an end. Together with their Polish hosts, guests from Germany, USA, Spain and Russia are discussing the future of kennel clubs in their countries and the concept of creating an umbrella organisation under which they could better operate. All of them are able to understand each other thanks to the group of interpreters who stand next to them and explain what is being said. The talks go on, as everybody is interested in the idea and wants to make their own suggestions. Suddenly, it turns out that the Polish-English interpreter has left, as the American guest thought the meeting would be ending soon. He needs help. The hosts fervently search for somebody who knows English as the discussion goes on. Fortunately, one of the interpreters from the German group knows English as well and, because there are three more interpreters for the German language in the room, one can join the American guest and assist him through the second part of the conference, so he can take an active part in it and understand what is being said. That interpreter was me.

About me

Professional translator based in the United Kingdom, specialising in communication between Polish, English and German, providing translation, content, interpreting and market research services to small, medium-sized and large companies and organisations so that they can move abroad and expand their development and operations into other markets.

Language expert specialising in business, marketing and e-commerce, using linguistic and cultural knowledge to help both start-ups and established companies improve their presence on the market and increase sales.


Key skills and experience in a nutshell

  • MA in Translation and Interpreting of Specialist Texts (5 years)
  • Over 9 years of experience
  • 2,851,523 translated words
  • A knack for words – I'm a writer and blogger
  • Passion for languages and cultures
  • Confident with CAT tools

Specialised translation qualifications

Not often can you find a translator who combines both language expertise and thorough knowledge of their specialist field(s). Most translation courses provided by universities or other institutions focus on the linguistic aspect of texts and general translation rules, but not the subject areas themselves, which means that future translators have to gain specific knowledge elsewhere – be it through postgraduate studies or work in non-language related industry. I hold an MA in Translation and Interpreting of Specialist Texts, which means that I am not only a professional linguist, I also have a comprehensive understanding of business and marketing. I am qualified to translate the semi-specialised and highly-specialised documents that your company will need in order to conquer foreign markets.


Business translation

Marketing translation

Website translation and SEO

Market research

Language consulting

Terminology management


  • Conducted comprehensive research on home and lifestyle brands in Poland and translated website content for a luxury goods store, including web copy, company blog, microsites, Google ads, SEO keywords, marketing materials and the maintenance of the company’s Facebook fan page
  • Translated product descriptions for the website of a major fashion brand
  • Translated product descriptions for the website of lighting manufacturer
  • Built a database of CPC driver training centres in the United Kingdom and provided translation services for a transport organisation in Poland as part of its campaign
  • Took part in the translation of ad slogans for a marketing campaign in Poland for a major brand in optics and imaging products
  • Translated training and marketing materials for a well known sports apparel brand
  • Translated marketing materials for a leading hotel brand
  • Masters’ degree in Translation and Interpreting of Specialist Texts
  • Passionate writer – I maintain three blogs
  • Winner of a poetry competition and a contestant in many writing competitions

Professional memberships

International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters (IAPTI)

International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies (IATIS)

Internet Marketing Association (IMA)

Proz.com certified PRO network


MA in Translation and Interpreting of Specialist Texts
(Polish, English, German), First Class Honours

University of Warsaw
Faculty of Applied Linguistics, Department of Languages for Specific Purposes
(now: Institute of Specialist and Intercultural Communication)

Translation and interpreting-related courses:

  • Business translation
  • Marketing translation
  • Translation of legal and economic texts
  • Politics and economy in translation
  • Banking and finance translation
  • Legal translation
  • Translation of EU law
  • IT and software translation course
  • Conference interpreting
  • Simultaneous interpreting
  • Creative writing
  • Descriptive grammar of Polish
  • Descriptive grammar of English
  • Descriptive grammar of German
  • Introduction to linguistics
  • Introduction to literature
  • Culture of the area of use of English with elements of intercultural communication
  • Culture of the area of use of German with elements of intercultural communication
  • Stylistics of Polish specialist texts
  • Translation Studies
  • Theory of translation
  • Theory of language communication
  • Praxeology of translation
  • Terminology and languages for specific purposes
  • Terminology and terminography
  • Contrastive grammar and translation-oriented grammars
  • Introduction to theory of text
  • Contrastive analysis of specialist texts
  • Glottodidactics of specialist languages
  • Introduction to neurolinguistics
  • Fulbright Chair 1
  • The European Union in International Relations
  • Post-Soviet Politics
  • Law and Practice of Commercial Arbitration
  • Budget of Local Government

Professional development:

Provided by the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing:

  • Copywriting for Web and Email
  • Copywriting for Social Media and Blogs

Provided by proz.com:

  • Shirts, shorts and shoes: fashion translation at a glance
  • Translating Screenplays
  • 2009 academic conference "Prawo Język Etyka" (Law Language Ethics) (organised by the University of Warsaw)
  • SDL and ProZ.com joint virtual event
  • SDL Trados Studio 2014 English & Spanish virtual event
  • ProZ.com's 2014 virtual conference for International Translation Day
  • ProZ.com's 2015 virtual conference for International Translation Day

Selected sessions:

  • Go Global – be local: How to achieve effective international expansion
  • The customer is king. Content is king. Marry the two for modern-day marketing success
  • How to turn social platforms into revenue machines
  • Investing in words: Introducing performance linguistics to measure international success
  • Online credibility and the impact it has on customer acquisition
  • Building a community: Customer engagement and advocacy

Selected sessions:

  • Definitely not content
  • Seven Steps to Surviving the Ad-pocalypse
  • From Persuasion to Usability: Content as Units of Delivery
  • Consistent Brand Storytelling In A Multiple Device Age
  • Your Phone Is Changing The World
  • Avoid Social Chimpery: Use Social ROI To Build Quality Campaigns And Stop Flinging Crap!
  • How To Engage Audiences In Content Creation Through Social / Mobile
  • What Consumers, Brands, And Agencies In The West Can Learn From Asia
  • Intro To Growth Hacking
  • Digital Influence: The Challenges of Getting It, Guiding It and Growing It in Today’s Hyper Connected World
  • Is Social Media Dead? How To Thrive In The New Epoch Of Digital
  • Misfit Innovation - What Can Brands and Agencies Learn From Drug Dealers, Pirates and Dissidents


I believe in quality, not quantity. Only quality can guarantee the best results and customer satisfaction. When I translate your document, rest assured that I abide by industry best practices.

As a proud Certified PRO member of Proz.com, the world's largest community of translators, I have an opportunity to network and collaborate with screened professionals

which means that:

  1. I always strive for the best possible translation
  2. I only accept assignments that allow me to achieve this goal
  3. I decline assignments at prices that fall short of this goal
  1. I only work with professional translators translating into their native language
  2. I constantly strive to improve my skills through ongoing training


  • Premium quality – professional linguist and passionate writer trained in business and marketing translation
  • Exceptional, business-oriented translation and interpreting services
  • Peace of mind – your content is being translated by an expert
  • Better results – expertly translated content that sells
  • Attract more customers with creative translation and copywriting
  • Save time and money – work directly with a professional translator for a simple, hassle-free process
  • Consistency – the same style throughout your document
  • Always on time – punctual project delivery


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