What is specialised translation?

  • What is specialised translation?

    What is specialised translation?

    If you have searched for the right translator for your company or if you have experience in dealing with translators and linguists, you certainly have come across the term specialised translation. You maybe wonder how it is different from normal or standard translation.

    What is specialised translation?

    Specialised translation refers to every translation that has to do with a specific area of knowledge, for example, marketing or law. It does not only include such fields as medicine or technology, as some people wrongly believe. Business and marketing translation also include specialised translation. It can be agreements, marketing presentations or white papers. So it can be said that specialised translation or translation for specific purposes has to do with specific terminology that a translator must know in order to translate a text.

    What areas does specialised translation include?

    Translators or linguists trained in specialised translation usually have one or two specialty fields they work in, however, they are not experts in every subject. For example, legal translators usually are not good at translating marketing texts as they require creative writing. Technical translators may deal with manuals well, but they rarely are the best choice when it comes to translation of financial statements. This is why it’s so important to choose the right translator for your project.

    Is specialised translation charged differently?

    Because specialized translation requires the use of specific terminology it is usually more expensive than standard or normal translation. So be prepared to pay more if you have your legal documents or business presentation to be translated. It’s not worth it to pay less for specialised translation and hire a translator who does general translations rather than specialises in a particular subject. In that case, you risk your company’s good name and probably you will have to hire another translator who will do it properly.

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    Hanna Gembus

    Hanna Gembus is a professional Polish English and Polish German translator and communication specialist based in the United Kingdom providing translation, content, interpreting and market research services to small, medium-sized and large companies and organisations. She specialises in business, marketing and e-commerce, using linguistic and cultural knowledge to help both start-ups and established companies improve their presence on the market and increase sales. http://langoa.eu

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